Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bush League

Grocery List: Giuliani doesn't know the price of bread and milk, which I would aim a ton of wealthy (or not wealthy) white men don't know...I'd rather hear whether Giuliani knows the dismal salaries of teachers and other professions in comparison to CEOs and other upper management...Red Don: Romney, McCain and Giuliani were quick to support Imus...Too quick?...The New Black?: Fred Thompson has lymphoma...If he runs get Katie Couric ready for her close-up...Daddy Party Knows Best: From today's New York Times, in his upcoming speech on Iraq, John McCain "will warn against making policy about the war based on 'the temporary favor of the latest public opinion poll' and assert that the administration’s strategy for securing Baghdad is the right one." How can a Democracy's foreign policy not take into account what the majority of Americans want? Opinion polls have resoundingly turned against the war in Iraq for more than a year, hardly 'temporary favor'...I guess McCain wants to be another Bushian Dictator...Thank goodness these guys know better than the nation does...Who to Hate: From the same Times article detailing general Republican frustration around the nation with the 2008 GOP field, two great quotes that have a lot in common:

And Katon Dawson, the party chairman in South Carolina, expressed confidence that the party would recover from any internal damage it suffered as its candidates took shots at each other.

“We don’t do well until we have a common enemy,” Mr. Dawson said.

Alan K. Simpson, a former Republican senator from Wyoming, said the party’s presidential candidates were being whipsawed as they tried to appeal to conservative voters who have a history of strong views on issues like abortion and gay rights. “These tests are destroying the Republican Party,” Mr. Simpson said.

Republicans don't do well until they have a common enemy--true. The common enemies they select (women, gays, immigrants, etc.) are destroying the party because they alienate folks who tire of hating others--true...ah, fun time to be a Republican!...Lost Mo-mentum: Speaking of Daddy Party Knows Best, Maureen Dowd is off her vacation, and pens another "GOP-is-the-daddy-party" column so all-over-the-map I would suggest she take another week off...

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