Monday, April 09, 2007

Hunting Rabbits

Some readers have fairly complained I am rambling as of late, and so I hope that a more coherent post should appear later today.

In the meantime, should you need mini-breaks from the Monday rush, check out the following articles on the internets (proving anyone can write a Mini-Note!):

Newsweek: Things are worse for McCain than I thought...Jonathan Alter, "McCain's Meltdown" and things are more awkward for Clinton than I expected...Richard Wolffe, "Clinton Fund-Raising Strategy Backfires"

New York Times: Proving that in life, all roads lead to Iowa, at some point...Week in Review, "About that Political Traffic Jam in Iowa"

Daily Kos: This weekend's Meet the Press was a weird GOP love fest in the form of pastel-shorn Kate O'Beirne..."Russert's Idea of Balance"

60 Minutes: Visual proof the straight-talk has hit more than a rough patch... "John McCain"

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