Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eyebrow Raisers

Sharper than Sharpton: Gwen Ifill pens a fantastic column entitled, "Trash Talk Radio," which paints a coat of common sense all over the Imus situation...I suppose "no tolerance"makes sense but if Imus was fired, would the Rutgers girls feel better? Would America become less racially divided? Maybe Sharpton should make fewer soundbites and more progress?... Nagourney Fluff: Man, I wish I could get paid to write a long online column about 2008 polls that pretty much provides no news and little color...Good Morning Times readers, today I will teach you about amazing numbers called polls... 19 months to go... Can't Get No Respect: John Edwards takes a risk to show some concrete leadership, says he will skip the Congressional Black Caucus Debate hosted by Fox News, Hillary and Obama follow, and the Huffington Post puts up a picture of only Obama and Hillary with the title, "Key Dems Say No to Fox Debate"... Drudge did the exact same thing, posting Edwards decision alone first, as if it was an act of defiance, and then posting only Hillary and Obama's decisions in a joint headline, as if the two of them were the story... Riot Hiatt: Glenn Greenwald at Salon notes how the Washington Post's tone on the US Attorney scandal may be shifting...I guess Russert's declaration there was no "wrongdoing" at all is not exactly quoting from the Beltway Bible... Free Parking: I love when Slate does these back-and-forth columns and this one will be all about the final season of "The Sopranos"... I loved the first episode if only for the unbelievable acting during the Monopoly game...

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