Sunday, April 01, 2007

Random Grumpy Old Men

On Meet the Press, Tim Russert and Orrin Hatch demand a "shred of evidence" from Senator Leahy that the US Attorney purge was improper, ignoring reality, and say, Senator Domenici's phone records. Rumor is that Hatch wants to be the new AG, bringing a deeper level of denial to the DOJ (now with music!).

What was worse about the show was that the hapless Leahy failed to respond to any of Russert's loaded "questions" with all the hard facts at his disposal. The best part of the show was in the first few minutes when both Leahy and Hatch had major throat-clearing problems. Incompetence is phlegmy.

Wow--the Bushies have even soiled the proud tradition of the Smithsonian.

Have you read much about the newly-found Gospel of Judas?

The GOP's General was told to make it happen by August. Will Petraeus betray us by selling false victories in order to meet his charge? The mess could get messier--we all know Bush doesn't read memos in August.

Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times pens a "Democrats Beware" column, using poll numbers to buy into and validate Bushian national security hype. But what about these kinds of poll numbers?

A Thompson joins the race (not Fred...yet). This was the guy that helped Big Pharma write Bush's costly Medicare drug plan. High-cost Zoloft for everyone.

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