Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Richie Romney

Forget the fundraising for a moment--after all of those GOP-fueled stories in 2004 about upper-crust John Kerry and his wife's moolah (those out-of-touch limousine liberals), why won't the media ask and answer the simple question: How rich is Willard Romney ?

The New York Times today notes, "Mr. Romney has never disclosed his net worth, but analysts who study compensation at private equity firms say his earnings as the founder of Bain Capital are likely to amount to several hundred million dollars."

John Edwards' new 6 million-dollar home puzzlingly got front page treatment at the Washington Post weeks ago. Why not discover Mitt's vast net worth? Or, am I wrong to believe it is relevant to the campaign? Is the settled media equation: Republican Rich = inspiring and a hard-worker, Democrat Rich = opportunistic and anti-worker? (Update: It's very relevant if this report is true. Do we want a self-funded President?)

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