Friday, March 30, 2007

Roll In, Roll Out

Well played, Hillary.

BUT a big way-to-go to both Obama and Edwards.

This puppy ain't over yet.

In the interim check out Frank Rich from Sunday, and look for a new post early Monday afternoon.

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Chris said...

sir justice,

thinking about this cashcow thing, short of all-out abramoffing, how much money does hill think she can spend to persuade voters? polls must show there are very few who are truly undecided about her.
my naievete keeps me from understanding how these vats of money truly help on a vote by vote basis. with the inexpensive and non-traditional avenues (youtube etc.) available to counter any one candidate (by the way, i think this should be pronounced can-duh-DAH-tay), I suspect this hording is a giant waste.
and yet you know the wager.

hyde parkfully yours,