Thursday, November 09, 2006

2008: As Allen loses, will Hillary Spare Us?

Weeks ago, there were rumors on the internets that Harry Reid met with Hillary Clinton a while back and promised her that if Democrats took a majority in the Senate this election cycle, Reid would relinquish the Majority Leader spot to Clinton in 2008 in return for her decision to forgo any presidential ambitions. Perhaps the Midterm gifts will keep on giving-- we got rid of Senator Man-on-Dog, Senator Kharmacaca, Senator No-Talent and even Senator Foot-in-Mouth Burns and now we may also get rid of Hillary as a presidential candidate. If this is the case, then Virginia is definitely for lovers. Me love Virginia.

Per the AP this morning, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has now created a presidential campaign committee to explore his 2008 opportunities. As much as a common-sense Iowan would be a welcome sight in the White House, I have never viewed Vilsack as the man of the hour. I guess we will see if he can raise enough funds to keep the train moving, but I would suspect that if Tom Harkin couldn't make it happen, then Vilsack will have a hard time. Perhaps he has the VP slot in mind.

Watching McCaint make the rounds on cable news recently, it is hard not to want to reach through the television and take the man's pulse. He's 70 years old and darn he looks it. Bob Dole was 73 when he took on President Clinton in 1996, so I suppose it isn't out of the question. But would I think now that 2008 is in sight, Mitt Romney and other GOP hopefuls will begin their whisper campaigns questioning McCaint's age and health. I'll never get why everyone loves McCaint.

It still makes little sense to me how Arnold Schwarzenegger got re-elected so handily, but I guess it might bode well for someone like Barack Obama in 2008. Americans love their charismatic superstars, no matter how thin their resumes. I think Obama is the one to watch within the next few weeks. I suspect he'll run, but I also suspect Harold Ford, Jr.'s experience in the Tennessee Senate race is giving him and his family pause. That's a tough call. I hope he runs.

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