Monday, November 06, 2006

Identification Nation

The New York Times front page this morning featured a disturbing story on the intense jump in misleading robo-calls being made to voters across the nation, smearing Democratic candidates and in many instances outright lying about candidates' views. Talking Points Memo and Daily Kos have begun the fight to expose these operations and are attempting to get the cable news networks to recognize the problem and label it a GOP-only tactic (which it is). Stories like this make me even more sick, because active voter suppression is never good for any of us. For the self-described party of values I think it's obvious the Republicans value power above all else. This is just another reason to stand in line tomorrow to vote, not matter how long it takes and whatever the cost.

Update: I thought the story of the Indiana Congresswoman being told her congressional ID was insufficient in today's New York Times story was the extremity of insanity but apparently it can and does get even worse (and more ironic).

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