Wednesday, November 01, 2006

mccain't see the joke... please

Looking like a star wars villain about to pass on the force, john mccain has been doing his best to pretend his fellow veteran john kerry hates the troops. mccain said wednesday he did not see "how you could construe" senator kerry's recent mangled speech introduction as a joke. is mccain serious? apparently once you become a GOP presidential contender you hand in your ability to use reason and observe context. not only is mccain disingenuous, but he's a fool for setting up residence in bush's state of denial.

i have to give props to don imus this morning for standing up to ricky sanitorium's dellusional screaming about kerry's remarks. imus wasn't kind to kerry-- even before kerry called in to give his 2 cents on the matter and apologize-- but at least imus has the presence of mind to play fair.

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chris said...

how do you get the tv clip into the blog entry like that?