Tuesday, November 07, 2006

House Watch: Iowa District 2

All of the prognosticators like to get hot and bothered over the anticipated House races in Indiana, Kentucky and Connecticut as bellwethers for the height of any Democratic wave. I'd like to toss this race into the mix as well. Jim Leach was my Congressman when I was a little boy (I remember obsessing over a tiny "Jim Leach for Congress" button my sister had on her bulletin board-- to her credit she eventually gave it to me...). Later on in life, when I worked at the local country club during law school I served Leach and his family dinner on several occasions. He's a smart, good man in the wrong party. If after allowing him over 25 years in Congress this recently-redrawn district finally votes Leach out of office, we'll know "the wave" is a big one...

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