Monday, November 06, 2006

The CMA-Effect

Please note that the Country Music Association's annual award show is airing tonight on that network of political self-doubt, ABC (evidence: that crappy, fictional 9/11 movie they made written by Rush Limbaugh's buddy vs. Calista Flockhart's mealy-mouthed, traditional family-loving character Kitty on Brothers & Sisters vs. anything that comes out of self-obsessed, preening Mark Halperin's mouth). Is this pure coincidence? No way! Those GOP-loving country music "stars" are going to totally try to steal this election away from the Democrats (i.e., Toby Keith, anyone?). This would be like having the Academy Awards on tonight. What would the Republicans say if liberal-Hollywood had THREE HOURS of live air time on the night before an election! If even one award-winner or presenter says something nice about W. (I've got my eyes on you, Brooks & Dunn!) I swear I'm crying foul and calling the FCC.

You were warned here first, and don't worry-- I can't tell if I'm kidding, either.

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