Monday, November 06, 2006

Put a Liddy on It

It would be impossible to ignore Sen. Elizabeth Dole's virtuoso perf this Sunday on Nip/Tuck, er, Meet the Press. Her mastery of stream-of-consciousness talking point regurgitation was beyond impressive, even in the face of Tim Russert's demand for her to cease her inaudible rambling (Russert said "Time out" to Ms. Dole 6 times, to no avail... I can imagine the same thing happening during her dinners with poor, emasculated Bob). But most of all, I liked Tim Russert's complete loss of control over the bunch, despite his State of Denial over his moderating prowess ("Equal time for everyone, I promise. Right after this." Riiiiiiiight.) In all fairness, the quartet of guests represented a stammering, incoherent ship of fools--Sen. Schumer actually said, "Darn tooting," in response to Dole; Rep. Emmanuel said, "Forget about it," after trying to respond to Dole's claim that Democrats were "content with losing."

Forget about it, indeed. If this is the best either side has to offer then we're all screwed.

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