Friday, November 10, 2006

Barton the Interruption

Must be Don Imus day here, but I have to acknowledge this one... it's a beaut. Congressman Joe Barton, a man who kept the Combating Autism Act from going to a full House vote while acting as Chairman of the House Committee on Energy & Commerce (and thus sparked the I-man's hilarious ire), is running for a leadership post in the newly-minoritized GOP House caucus. Today Barton had this to say:

"After prayerful consideration and literally hundreds of discussions with my colleagues, I have decided to seek the position of Republican minority leader. My guarantee is this: We will achieve a net gain of seats in each upcoming election cycle and if we do not regain the majority within three election cycles, I will not seek the position of minority leader in the succeeding session."

Say what, Joe? I love this for many reasons, but most of all because a Member of Congress has decided to quit pretending that legislation or policy even play any role in the process what-so-ever--it's all about the Power. Now we know what the "P" in GOP stands for... I sympathize with Imus' rantings on Barton even more...

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