Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Audacity of Flip-Flops

With John Kerry out of the '08 race (remember those giant sandals?) the flips and flops are all happening on the GOP side this round. A short opinion article in today's Indianapolis Star provides a mini-summary (but I don't think my Governor is a flip-flopper, just an actor). The GOP cannot decide whether they want to be "principled" and go with, say, a proud reality-hater like Sam Brownback, or go with a new conservative convert like, say, the rest of the field (even Huckabee breaks the far-Right mold with his hippie love of art and music).

Anyway, here are some of the front-runner highlights so far...

Executive Flip-Flopper: Over the weekend there was an excellent Los Angeles Times article evaluating the formation of flip-flopping Willard Romney has danced in the past several months. Abortion, gays, trees and air--old Mitt is ready to change his mind. But for all the "Right" reasons, of course.

Straight Talk Flipper: McCain is the real pro this season, and this video on YouTube shows how it's done.

Mayoral Flipping: Now, Rudy! Giuliani feels left out and employs a turnaround on the flat tax issue (which worked very well for Steve Forbes).

Bonus Media Flopping: This isn't exactly a flip-flop but it is definitely intellectual flailing, and it has been driving me crazy this week-- Chris Matthews seems to believe there's a big metaphorical monster waiting to take down Hillary (with nothing but his own flip-from-Democrat-to-Republican past as a framework to guide him).

I've heard Matthews push this weirdo monster idea on Hardball and Imus (he most likely just enjoys saying "horny"). Here's how he puts down the concept:

Is there out in the country, or out in the Atlantic Ocean, some gigantic monster, big, green, horny-headed—all kinds of horns coming out, big aggressive monster of anti-Hillaryism that hasn‘t shown itself; it‘s based upon gender, the fact that she is a liberal, that she is Bill—and that hasn‘t shown itself, because people are being so nice in the polling, they are saying all the correct things? Is there an anti-Hillary monster waiting out there that could deliver this nomination, or this election, to someone else? [Chris Matthews on Hardball, 3/26/07]

Matthews also keeps pushing the line that America is not ready to elect a woman, or at least Hillary. His circumstantial proof is that because no one in the media wants to discuss that Hillary actually is a woman, then the nation is not ready. The last time I checked, Matthews had 2 of his own shows on the TV. Maybe he should stop complaining about the dearth of talk about Hillary's gender and step up to the plate to discuss the topic on those shows. Or even more importantly, why the Atlantic Ocean? The Pacific Ocean has better monsters.

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