Monday, March 19, 2007

Not Without My Daughter, Not Without My Wives

If this is for real, I may consider moving abroad... or at the very least to Alaska. Oh, that's right. Hillary actually has to win the nomination first. Breathe.

Catch the pro-Obama "1984" ad while it lasts. Man, it is effective, no matter who made it.

Over at re-designed TIME, Joe Klein writes another blog that gets two notions so wrong they hurt: 1) Klein tries to make Governor Huckabee and Senator Brownback look like lovable "grace" Christians with only the best intentions. Huckabee, we are told, is a "destroyer of stereotypes," and impliedly so is Brownback, apparently because they love music and health care, what rogues they are. Klein posits each could win the GOP nomination only by becoming wing-nuts that preach fire and brimstone, like say they hate gays and oppose a woman's right to choose. The odd reality, though, is that both guys already do hate gays and reproductive choice! (What Klein calls "requisite" GOP positions, which begs the question: besides obfuscatory rhetoric, how are these guys truly different from the others again?) Huckabee may be a softer side evangelical, but embrace diversity he does not.

Where's the grace in judgment and hatred?

2) Klein goes on to write that Rudy Giuliani and Willard Romney are "moderate candidates that live like liberals," a dazzlingly airhead-esque statement that ignores the objective fact that the serious players in the Democratic field have less total divorces as a group [low-tier hopeful Chris Dodd (1)] than Rudy does on his own. Man, those liberals and their silly commitments for life. Hippie values!

And finally, on the 4th anniversary of the commencement of the Iraq War, President Bush hurriedly reads a script we've all heard before, this time with less conviction. Even a used car salesman can have an off day (very naughty word alert).

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