Friday, March 02, 2007

The Body Electric

Oh the thoughts I've had these past few weeks (and no, they didn't all involve how awful Hillary is as a candidate...)

Let's start small.

I spent most of this past week living in a hotel in Ontario, CA while taking the bar examination there. The conservative foothill of the Inland Empire offered me clear views of the snowy San Bernardino Mountains and the chill of constant winds. It also had a prominent spot for FOXNEWS on the cable dial. And I must say, every time I passed the channel, Sean Hannity or some other "balanced" figure was rattling on about Al Gore's electric bill, always ending their thought with a screeching of the word, "Hypocrite."

Apparently Ozone Man isn't supposed to turn on the lights.

Does anyone think it's a tiny bit more hypocritical to send thousands of sons and daughters into a war you claim is the battle of our generation but then not force your own daughters to contribute to the cause in any substantive way?

Or how about the hypocrisy of supporting a ban on gay marriage and a general anti-homosexual agenda while trotting out your own pregnant lesbian daughter as implied proof of your decency?

Or, even, how about calling yourself "fair and balanced" and then spending a whole week on Al Gore's electric bill?

Love it.

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Jody said...

Joe, congrats on surviving the law exam! Here's to hoping you passed!

J, the guy who sat next to you at the big V.