Friday, March 16, 2007

Meet the Snooze Bar

Tim Russert has an exciting, fast-paced show planned this Sunday, one filled with vivid political narrative and straightforward debate.

Fiction or fact? I report, I decide. Fiction.

This Sunday, Russert is "moderating" a show dedicated to the four year anniversary of the Iraq War (I think the proper gift is Paper). Here's the guest list: Chuck Schumer, Tom Andrews, Tom DeLay, Richard Perle, Joe Sestak. If that were the guest list for a dinner party I was attending, I would be sure to bring my flask.

Since it's only Russert's Sunday show, I'll just hit snooze.

Question for the group: What has happened to Meet the Press lately? The show used to be an excellent way to begin a Sunday, providing informative and up-close views of leaders and opinion-makers. With all of the significant issues facing the nation, one would think there would be plenty of grist for Russert's mill. Sadly, the shows have been a bore.

Thank goodness for Frank Rich, at least. Enjoy the weekend.

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Chris said...

Fitz exposed MTP for what it is - a marketing forum for the powers that be.
And your new photo up top is great - where from?