Friday, March 16, 2007

A Little Less Conversation

This is rich (not Marc). Former President Clinton is apparently complaining about the New York Times' recent treatment of his wife, in comparison to the way it is treating Senator Barack Obama. Did Bill miss this oddly substance-free front page article the Times ran on Obama's past investments earlier this month (the one with the negative tone that allowed other news outlets to spread innuendo like this)? Or perhaps the awful Maureen Dowd column shortly after Obama's presidential announcement where, among other things, Dowd described Obama as "testy," "irritated," and "conflicted"? I'm sure Bubba caught this objectively kind Times article about the Mrs. from the 15th of March framing Hillary's flailing statements on Iraq as "nuance." (If you click on the link, doesn't that picture look like a halo? Are you scared yet?)

Thus, far, Hillary's campaign and it's "conversation" with America has offered a lot of whining and hesitation and not many policy proposals or steps toward transformational change. What gives?

I like it better when the Dems go after Fox News.

Methinks Bill should save his energy for enemies that, well, actually exist.

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