Friday, March 16, 2007

Quick Hits

According to ABC News, Karl Rove is more directly tied to the Bush Administration's plan to fire all of the US Attorneys for purely political reasons, er, I mean in the fight against Terror. Yet the national media ignores the story. Too bad Anna Nicole wasn't a US Attorney. Or for that matter David Geffen. This clip of Josh Marshall's appearance on Countdown with Keith Olbermann explains the significance of the attempted and actual firings perfectly.

Adam Nagourney--a reporter who does not handle Democrats with much fairness or maturity (especially John Edwards)--writes a front-page article about John McCain's 2008 troubles for today's New York Times. Overall it's a bland affair, but this mini-paragraph is great:

“This is the way I campaign best: Get on the bus, get off the bus,” Mr. McCain said as the Straight Talk drove circles through downtown Des Moines to permit three networks to get five minutes with him. “I love it.”

Ironic imagery anyone? As Wonkette summarized recently, "John McCain tries to get his campaign to only suck at the level it sucked in 2000."

Could California's earlier primary be a bad thing for the far right? Here's hoping. But wait, if California helps select a more moderate GOP candidate, will that be bad for the Dems? Nevermind: the California GOP are fighting to keep the primary closed to independents. Bad news for Giuliani, good news for, say, Brownback? Regardless, I think Washington state has the best idea of all.

As for the impact of California's primary on Iowa, Tim Russert noted, "no doubt about it, Iowa will become more important now." So much can change in two months, right Mickey Kaus? I'll send you a Vilsack for President bumper sticker. There's a pile of them under my Harkin for President ones.

Finally, another great Wonkette snark you may have missed (bad word alert).

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